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    Bauer Technics is the worldwide leader in the design and implementation of turnkey farms. 

    Founded in 1992 initially as a sales and service group for BAUER GmBH Voitsberg. Over the years, the company has gradually focused mainly on the construction of farms on a turnkey basis, the average value of a project exceeds 25 million EUR.

    For successful development of the company we use the latest technologies in this field and we have a team of experienced and professional experts in various fields of the industry that are required for successful realisation of projects BAUER TECHNICS deliveries complete farms for cattle, pigs, poultry, as well as supplies for slaughter, operation for processing meat and milk, bulk silos for storing grains. An integral part of the company's know-how are other additional supply and service operations for agriculture, food processing industry and manufacturing industry (zinc works, brickworks, logistics centres, greenhouse farms, fruit and vegetable stores, shopping centres).

    Implementation underway in the Czech Republic, but throughout the world, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Algeria, Slovak etc. It is a comprehensive supply of capital equipment, including buildings and technologies for agriculture and food, the entire farm for breeding and fattening, meat and milk processing, storage of agricultural products, but also in the field of ecology such as storage and processing of manure, including biogas reactors.

    BAUER TECHNICS is the winner of the Exporter of the Year 2008 and 2012.  We export more than 90% of its own production, which is manufactured in the new robotic manufacturing plant in Stadlec near Tábor.


    The company offers own sophisticated "know-how", optimal technological and construction solutions and the best technology.

    The fact that the result is truly at the highest possible level, the company has adapted its structure as well:

    • Project studio, processes and deliver the optimum design solution
    • Production in the new plant takes the most advanced knowledge of the market and also has its own projects implemented in
    • Logistics department provides supply "on time"
    • Construction management department provides project implementation with a department project manager with a long history and experience in project implementation
    • Department of installation and service, provides additional services after the launch of the finished project and subsequent customer service
    • Corporate financial specialists are ready to assist with ensuring the financing of supplies, including export credits and the negotiation export credit insurance

    In cooperation with partners and the world's largest producer, BAUER TECHNICS has highest quality know-how in breeding poultry, pigs, cattle, as well as in manufacturing – in new buildings, renovations whole complexes and primary deliveries of technology.

    Main realisations:

    • New World(Russia) - Farm for 5800 sows
    • DAN SK Agrar - farm for 1,500 cows - reconstruction (Danish investor - Slovakia)
    • Voschod Kaliningrad (Russia) - Farm for 24,000 pigs
    • DAN Moravia Agrar - farm for fattening 1.8 million chickens (Danish investor - Czech Republic)
    • Energotransinvest Bolgrad in Kiev (Ukraine) - Farm for 1,500 sows
    • Stiomi (Ukraine) - Bulk grain store 160,000 tons
    • Rosagroregion - Agrohotel in Anapa (Russia)
    • Maksimovka in Obninsk (Russia) - farm for 600 sows
    • Farma Borisov 1 (Belarus) - Farm for 24,000 pigs
    • Farm Borisov 2 (Belarus) - Farm for 24,000 pigs - In implementation
    • Zalevskoe Moloko (Russia) - farm for 1,500 cows
    • Astarta Kiev (Ukraine) - farm for 1,500 cows
    • DAN SK Farma Agrar - farm for 6,000 sows (Danish investor - now the completion of 9,000 sows)
    • DAN SK Farma Agrar - Large Kosihy - 24 halls for fattening pigs (Danish investor - Slovakia)
    • Farm proove (Denmark) - finishing farms for 4,800 sows (Danish investor - Slovakia)


    Výstavba nové farmy pro skot DOLNÍ LHOTKA (CZ)
    Reprodukční část pro prasnice, POBĚŽOVICE (ČR)
    Stáj pro dojnice VRCHA JEDLÁ
    Stavba nové farmy pro dojnice, NETÍN (ČR)
    Porodna prasnic Novyi Svet (180.000 prasat), Gatčina, Rusko
    Nová farma pro 30.000 prasat včetně masokombinátu, skladu obilí a výrobny krmných směsí, ENERGOTRANSINVEST (UKR)
    Prasata 2