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    The requirements for poultry farms and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed in the past couple of years. Without new technologies and modern approaches you cannot guarantee the high efficiency of farms. 

    Therefore, the company BAUER TECHNICS uses the latest scientific knowledge and farmers experience from around the world. Modern farm poultry breeding is a complex of top technologies. In order to function as a balanced unit, it is necessary to have not only the appropriate technology, but especially the experience and a team of top-class specialists - architects, builders, livestock specialists, feed specialists, feeding and genetic specialists, electrical engineers and others.

    Bauer Technics meets above requirements and thanks to this has successfully implemented a number of projects such as reconstruction of farms and stables, as well as the construction of new "greenfield site" farms not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. 

    Drůbež 1Poultry has been in the last few in the years on the menus of most countries. Poultry meat production, in an efficient manner and required quality, is a complex of many factors. We’re talking about the "industrialization" of production. Production in small capacities, without top-class procedures and technologies is basically impossible. Classic agricultural production has virtually disappeared. Chances of success have only the complex designed farms, without compromising on technology, construction of buildings and technological processes. Without high-end electronics, there is no chance to ensure standard high results.

    The company BAUER TECHNICS offers for all categories of poultry complex supply of structures and technological units. We prepared the high-end systems of feeding, watering, ventilation and heating, microclimate management, control systems, lighting, egg collection etc. including new systems such as cage systems, free-range systems, etc. All this with respect to the lowest possible cost while maintaining the conditions for high efficiency and quality of production.

    BAUER TECHNICS offers a complete range of technologies, structures, building components and services:

    • feed storage - silos
    • laying nests
    • spiral conveyors
    • cages and alternative systems
    • feeding lines and chain conveyors
    • egg collection
    • weighing systems for feed and animals
    • building constructions
    • watering lines
    • incinerators
    • ventilation and monitoring systems
    • processing of manure and composter systems
    • cooling systems
    • hatcheries
    • heating systems
    • transport of eggs, chicks and feed
    • control systems
    • feed mills
    • surveillance systems
    • large-capacity grain storages 
    • lighting systems
    • solutions manure storing and application


    The high level and efficiency of a farm is very often decided by solutions of the smallest details. A properly organized farm must meet not only the basic needs of animals, but must be in perfect harmony with their genetic potential.  BAUER TECHNICS therefore respects proactive approach to their investors and their teams of experts, such as livestock specialists, feeding and genetic specialists, agronomists. Their detailed knowledge of local conditions contributes to the creation of a more comprehensive and accurate designs of farms and stables. The professional approach of BAUER TECHNICS always guarantees the satisfaction of our clients.

    Design of individual farms and stables depends on:

    • landscape conditions – farm placement (hygienic zone, nature conservation, distance from residential areas)
    • zootechnical – sanitary farm solution,
    • farm zoning, road and driveway solutions,
    • used type of heard turnover,
    • feed delivery systems,
    • ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems,
    • solutions manure storing and application

    On the technological design is applied a suitable engineering construction and outer sheathing, corresponding to climatic conditions, and other requirements of the region.

    A truly unique is the management and control system for microclimate including a new ventilation system, which guarantees good environmental conditions and health status of the animals.

    Drůbež 4 BAUER TECHNICS was established in 1992, initially as a sales and service group for Bauer GmbH Voitsberg. Over the years, the company focused primarily on the realization of turn-key farm projects and has become the leader in this field on the world market. For successful development of the company we use the latest technologies in this field and we have a team of experienced and professional experts in various fields of the industry that are required for successful implementations of projects.

    Bauer Technics is mainly focused on large agricultural and food industry projects. They are implemented throughout the world, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Algeria and Slovakia etc. Comprehensive supply of capital equipment, including buildings and technologies for agriculture and food processing, complete farms for breeding and fattening, meat and milk processing, storage of agricultural products, but also in the field of ecology such as storage and processing of manure, including biogas reactors.

    All of our technological parts and elements are designed with great emphasizing on animal wellfare in the EU and the world.

    Major projects:

    • Novy Svet (Russia) - Farm for 5800 sows
    • DAN SK Agrar - farm for 1,500 cows - reconstruction (Danish investor - Slovakia)
    • Voschod Kaliningrad (Russia) - Farm for 24,000 pigs
    • DAN Moravia Agrar - farm for fattening 1.8 million chickens (Danish investor - Czech Republic)
    • Energotransinvest Bolgrad in Kiev (Ukraine) - Farm for 1,500 sows
    • Stiomi (Ukraine) - Bulk grain store 160,000 tons
    • Maksimovka in Obninsk (Russia) - farm for 600 sows
    • 1 Farma Borisov (Belarus) - Farm for 24,000 pigs
    • Farm 2 Borisov (Belarus) - Farm for 24,000 pigs - In implementation
    • Zalevskoe Moloko (Russia) - farm for 1,500 cows
    • Astarta Kiev (Ukraine) - farm for 1,500 cows
    • DAN SK Farma Agrar - farm for 6,000 sows (Danish investor - now the completion of 9,000 sows)
    • DAN SK Farma Agrar - Large Kosihy - 24 halls for fattening pigs (Danish investor - Slovakia)
    • Farm proove (Denmark) - finishing farms for 4,800 sows (Danish investor - Slovakia)
    • Rosagroregion - Agrohotel in Anapa (Russia)

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