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  • Bauer Technics completed and started up the farm for 10 mil. EUR

    The brand new farm was started up in Maloyaroslavecky region. The approximate price of the project is 10.000.000 €. The construction works were established 4 years ago near the village Maximovka and the farm was built in cooperation with the czech specialists. The project was co-financed by the government subsidy in amount of 100.000.000 Russian Rubbles.
    The pig farm is equipped with the most modern and the most developed technological equipment. Thanks to the farm there were established more than 30 working positions and from that 17 positions for the service of the farm. First group of animals will arrive in the second half of the September. Animals will arrive from the plem farm in Riazanska area. According to the director of the company Mr. Oleg Baranov, the start up of the farm will bring the best quality meat for the citizens of the local area.