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    Requirements for highly efficient cattle farms and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed. Without new technologies and approaches it is not possible to guarantee a high efficiency of cattle breeding.

    Therefore, the company BAUER TECHNICS uses the latest scientific knowledge and breeding experiences from around the world. Modern farms  for breeding cattle is highly complex technology To achieve the complex work balance it is necessary to have not only the appropriate technology, but   a team of specialists at the highest level with a lot of experience - architects, builders, animal breeders, feeding and genetic specialists, electrical engineering expertise and other professions.

    Skot 1Bauer Technics fulfils the above requirements and thanks to this have successfully realised a number of projects such as reconstruction of farms and stables, as well as the construction of new "Greenfield site" farms not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.  Regarding the high level and efficiency of a farm is very often decided by solutions of the smallest detail.

    BAUER TECHNICS therefore respects the requirements of the investors whose detailed knowledge of the local conditions, contributes to the creation of a more comprehensive and accurate designs.

    Professional approach BAUER TECHNICS and cooperation with experts such as animal husbandry, feeders, agronomists for clients is always satisfaction guaranteed.

    We offer a complete range of services for cattle breeders:

    • Preparation and processing of all stages of project documentation
    • Ventilation systems including management - slots, side flaps - various types and designs.
    • Building construction - steel, wood, concrete
    • Cooling systems for stables - fans of various types and sizes, high pressure water jets, large mixing fans
    • Roofing - sandwich, fiber cement, metal, including lighting, polycarbonate
    • Automatic pusher feeders
    • System of barriers
    • Milking equipment - all types of milking bays, identification system for dairy cows and heifers
    • Lying mattress - polyurethane cover with carpet, water, rubber, foam
    • WIFI data collection directly from the stables, sorting and weighing system, minilab for analysis of milk directly standing in the milking bays
    • Drinking systems
    • Cooling and storing milk - outdoor, indoor types of tanks using waste heat while cooling milk, for heating domestic hot water or for power, especially in the winter
    • Slurry technology - pumps, mixers, separators, BRU Bedding Recovery Unit, chain and hydraulic scarpers, robotic barn cleaner for corridors
    • Feed storage - silo weighing systems
    • Slurry storage – lagoons, concrete and steel tanks, storage bags
    • Feed mills and animal feed production
    • Slurry application - tanks, applicators
    • Incinerators (rendering plant - Incinerator).

    Project proposals of individual farms and stables depends on:

    • landscape conditions – farm placement (hygienic zone, nature conservation, distance from residencies),
    • animal breeding – hygienic farm solution,
    • farm zoning, road and driveway solutions,
    • using herd turnover systems,
    • stabling method of individual pig categories,
    • ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning systems,
    • feeding systems,
    • Solutions for slurry handling and storing.

    All the offered and supplied technological elements comply with the laws on animal welfare both in the Czech Republic and the EU.

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