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    „We had won the tender in June 2010. We started the construction works in November 2011, but practically, due to climatic conditions, it began in mid-2012”, informs the sales director of BAUER TECHNICS Karel Líkař. This is the first farm in Belarus built in accordance with the new Belarusian veterinary legislation after an outbreak of the African swine fever.

    The capacity of the first phase is 1200 sows and an annual production of about 24-28.000 pigs. The farm is said to be technically the most modern in Belarus. It is equipped with electronic feeding stations, each sow has a chip and systems are controlled via the modem from the headquarters of BAUER TECHNICS.

    BAUER TECHNICS supplied turnkey project, therefore from processing of the project in the Tabor designing studio, over constructions for buildings, complete technology, to machines and animals from Genoservis. There were more than 100 installers and builders involved in the construction during the construction peak. On the project, there participated dozens of Czech companies, subcontractors and partners from the USA, Holland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Slovakia.

    The construction of this turnkey project was divided into two phases. Now the company BAUER TECHNICS continues in the construction of the second phase, which is financed by KB Prague and insured with EGAP the insurance company. Capacity of the second phase will be again 1200 sows and includes a feed mill. "Because of the fact, that nowadays there is a lack of meat in Belarus and at the same time thanks to EU sanctions increased the interest in export to Russia and other countries, the project has been included among the priority projects of the government. At the same time there were also extremely shorten the realization dates and the project is under abnormal control of local politicians, "said Karel Líkař.


    BAUER TECHNICS předal první etapu projektu Borisov a staví druhou