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  • Signing of collateral memorandum about construction of the new pig farm in Kazachstan

    17.4.2015 in Karaganda, (Kazakhstan) there was signed the collateral memorandum among comapnies BAUER TECHNICS, TOO  KX Orkendeu and govenor of Karaganda area, Mr. Numukhambet Kanapievic Abdibekov. The memorandum was about the construction of the new farm for pigs.

    In the memorandum, the area confirms to financially support the construction of the technical infrastructure for the farm, it significantly decreases expenses for the farm construction from the clients budget. The project will be supported by the grant for deliveries and production and will set free from customs and taxes. The meeting was attended by the ambasador of the Czech rebublic, Mrs. Eliška Žigová.

    Beginig of the project 07.2015, costs of the 1st phase are estimated to 40.000.000€ 


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